Forklift Safety Program

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Powered Industrial Trucks are frequently used for material handling.  It is important that businesses with forklifts to have a policy on their safe use.  The Forklift Safety Program provides the policies and procedures your facility needs.

The program can be downloaded from the website, and is provided in Microsoft Word®.  It can be customized and edited.

Forklift Policy Topics

  • Management and Employee Responsibilities
  • Forklift Areas
  • Vehicle Requirements
  • Fuel Handling and Storage
  • Battery Charge and Maintenance
  • Lighting and Exhaust
  • Atmospheric Requirements
  • Trucks and Railroad Cars
  • Vehicle Operations
  • Maintenance Requirements
  • Training Requirements

Do you need to train and certify forklift operators?  Check out the Forklift Operator Compliance Kit.  It includes this safety plan, as well as the training and forms you need for a complete program.

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