This is a commonly asked question, and the answer is a little complicated.

Yes, the training materials we offer do comply with the OSHA regulations for the particular subject.  They will cover the required regulations.


Why do I sense a "but"?

Knowledge of the rules and regulations are only part of the requirements.  You also need to address the hazards and procedures that are specific to your workplace.  For instance, you can have an employee watch a lockout tagout DVD presentation, but unless you review the specific LOTO procedures of his workplace, the training will be incomplete.


"Just Press Play"  training will not be compliant with OSHA.

These tools need to be incorporated into a larger training, which addresses the specifics of the workplace.  Having your employees watch a video and sign a form will not be sufficient.


How Do I Do That?

We like the training solutions that you can edit, like the safety compliance kits.  This will allow you to add your own pictures and text where you need.  You can also use DVDs or online training, as long as they are part of a larger plan.  Hands on certification forms are also a good method to provide training.  After the complete the knowledge portion, sign them off as they demonstrate the ability to perform tasks safely. 


What If I Need Help?

The training materials will usually have an outline our some guide to help you incorporate your job specific training requirements with the material provided.  You can also give us a call!  We are happy to help.