Construction Safety and Health Program

  • Construction Safety and Health Program

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Create a Construction Accident Prevention Program & Site Specific Safety Plan

This program is for construction employers. For general industry, check out the general industry safety program

Length - About 70 pages

Site Specific Safety Plan - Includes a template you can use for each project.

Format - Microsoft Word® - Edit and copy your program as needed.

OSHA Compliant - Meets requirements of 19126.20(b).

Scope - Covers the most commonly required subjects for construction employers.

Download - As soon as you place the order, you will received the download. Also available on CD.

Weekly Safety Meetings - Dozens of weekly safety meetings you can use to emphasize and reinforce important safety principles.

Forms - Record Keeping, Emergency Action Plans, Incident Investigation, Job Hazard Analysis, Safety Plan Acknowledgement & More!

Emergency Action Plans - A policy for emergency action plans, included an EAP template.

  • General Construction Accident Prevention Plan
  • Site Specific Safety and Health Plan
  • OSHA Injury and Illness Record Keeping Policy
  • Job Hazard Analysis Policy
  • Accident Investigation Policy
  • Fire Prevention Policy
  • Fall Protection Policy
  • Ladder & Stairway Policy
  • Scaffolding Safety Policy
  • Excavation and Trenching Policy  


Preview the Construction Safety and Health Policy


Preview the Site Specific Safety Plan



Select the Program and Training option to get a great collection of training materials to go with your construction safety plan.

Save over $600 with this package!

  • Training Outlines - Easy to follow directions for providing training.
  • PowerPoint Presentations® - Covers every subject.  You can edit and customize as you need.  Use in the classroom or print out and use as handouts in the field.
  • Quiz and Answer Key - Evaluate classroom learning.
  • Hands On Certification Forms - Verify they have learned the required skills in the field by completing these hands on performance requirements.
  • Wallet Card Templates - Create and print your own company wallet card training records.
  • Training Documentation - Training rosters, evaluations, record forms and more!

Customer Reviews

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Just what i needed

Just what our company needed for site safety plan.

5 star

This product was perfect for us! We were able to revise and add/delete items tailor to our line of construction easily without any problem. Thanks for the help in fulfilling our construction specs submittal on time.




Very good seems to hit on all areas of safety that we see every day on jobs

Construction Safety & Health Program

The program is fine to a certain point, it is however very detailed for us as we are Division 4, masonry contractor. For example, half of our work force do not read nor write nor understand English, therefore the more details the more difficult to get the message across to these workers. Legally to my knowledge, if the employee does not understand the program and something should happen, their attorneys will simply sue on the basis the employee never understood what he signed.

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