Asbestos is a mineral that can be very dangerous. OSHA requires training initially and annually to remind everyone of the hazards of asbestos. Here is a free collection of Asbestos PowerPoints. You can use them to help facilitate a training program or as a refresher course.

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Asbestos - Overview of Hazards and Regulations

This presentation provides a lot of information describing asbestos, the hazards, regulations and where to get more information.

Slides - 47

Author - A Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH)

Download Asbestos - Overview of Hazards and Regulations PowerPoint

Overview of Properties, Health Effects and Nevada Rules

This slide show gives a great overview of history, what material you can find asbestos in, and prevention.

Slides - 29

Author - Department of Labor and Industries

Download Asbestos - Overview of Properties, Health Effects, and Nevada Rules PowerPoint

Asbestos Toxicity

This gives a great overall of what asbestos is, where to find it, how we may be exposed and what to do in case you are exposed.

Slides - 18

Author - Environmental Medicine Grand Rounds, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR)

Download Asbestos Information for Community Members

Asbestos Safety Awareness

This presentation give an overall look at asbestos and contains great resources at the end for other links, contact information, and OSHA standards.

Slides - 35

Author - The Military, Public Safety and Security Division of Florida State College MPSS, and OSHA

Download Asbestos Safety Awareness PowerPoint

Asbestos Safety Training Compliance Kit

Are you needing to become OSHA compliant? Here is a great training compliance kit that comes complete with everything you need for asbestos training! Includes a PowerPoint® presentation, training documentation, safety policy and more! 


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