Free Asbestos Safety Videos

Here is a collection of asbestos safety videos.  Feel free top use these as part of your training events.

This videos are not owned or endorsed by XO Safety.  Use them at your discretion.

The Impact of Asbestos Video


 This video provides an excellent summary of the history of asbestos, how it was used, and the hazards of exposure.  It is a great tool for any asbestos awareness training.

Video Length: 5:52

Author: WorkSafeBC

Asbestos Video


 This animation shows how asbestos fibers damage the body and lead to lung disease.

Video Length: 2:16

Author: WorkSafeBC

1965 Armstrong Asbestos Tile Commercial Video


 Video Length: 1:16

Asbestos in Construction: Workers Video


A construction worker who is sick from asbestos exposure shares his story.

Video Length: 1:19

Author: WorkSafeBC