Free Respirator Safety PowerPoints

Here is a collection of respiratory protection Power Points that you can use for your training events.

These PowerPoints are not owned or endorsed by Affordable Safety Training LLC.  Use them at your discretion.

OSHA's Respiratory Protection Standard PowerPoint 

 This free PowerPoint walks through the requirements for respiratory protection in the workplace.  It's helpful but heavy on text and light on photos.

Slides: 60

Author: OSHA

Respiratory Protection Training PowerPoint

This PowerPoint is a hazard based training presentation on the requirements of respiratory protection.

Slides: 68

Author: University of Kentucky

Respiratory Protection Training PowerPoint

 Download Respiratory Protection Training PowerPoint

A very brief summary of requirements.  Not very much pictures.  Good for a quick overview or safety meeting.

Slides: 19

Author: Indiana University

 Respiratory Protection - An Overview Of Respirators PowerPoint

 Download Respiratory Protection - An Overview of Respirators PowerPoint

 This presentation from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries is well organized and provides clear information on the safe use of respiratory protection.

Slides: 34

Author: Washington State Department of Labor and Industries