Free Electrical Safety Videos

Here a is a collection of free electrical safety videos.  You can incorporate them into your electrical safety training.  

Electrocution: Work Safely With Ladders Near Power Lines - Department of Labor


This video provides a great summary on the hazard of using ladders near power lines.  This five minute video can save lives and prevent electrocutions.

Video Length: 5:40

Author: OSHA

Prevent Electrocutions: Working Safely With Cranes Near Power Lines - Department of Labor


Electrocutions are commonly caused by cranes striking overhead power lines.  This free video will teach crane operators how to prevent contact with energized power lines.

Video Length: 3:53

Author: OSHA

Repair Welder Electrocuted - Department of Labor


This video covers the an electrocution accident and it's corresponding investigation.  It is a great tool for any electrical safety awareness training.  It is also a good subject for a weekly safety meeting.

Video Length: 2:23

Author: OSHA

A Bright Arc: A Video Guide To Power Line Safety - WorkSafeBC


This free WorkSafeBC video provides comprehensive safety guidelines for working around energized power lines.  This is a must see for construction crews working near power lines.

Video Length: 11:22

Author: WorkSafeBC


These videos are not owned or endorsed by XO Safety or Affordable Safety Training LLC.  Use them at your discretion.