Free Electrical Safety PowerPoints

Here are a collection of free electrical safety PowerPoint's you can use for your training events.

These are not owned or endorsed by Affordable Safety Training LLC.  Use at your discretion.

Electrical Hazards PowerPoint

This brief presentation takes a hazards based approach to electrical safety.  It's a good tool for basic awareness.
Slides: 36
Author: Southwest Safety Training Alliance

Focus Four Hazard Training: Electrical Safety PowerPoint

The is a hazards based, in depth discussion of electrical safety hazards.  The title says Masonry Construction, but it is a good fit for most businesses with electrical hazards.
Slides: 60
Author:  The Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute

The Big Four: Electrical Hazards PowerPoint

Lots of good photos in this presentation.  It also includes built in quizzes.
Sides: 73
Author: Construction Compliance Training Center

 Electrical Safety For The Non-Electrical Skilled Worker PowerPoint

 Download Electrical Safety For The Non-Electrical Skilled Worker PowerPoint

A decent electrical safety presentation.  It is a little heavy on text, but it has some good photos.

Slides: 40

Author: EFCOG Electrical Improvement Project