Free Heat Stress Safety Videos

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Heat Stress Prevention

This video explains the three basic steps to help prevent heat stress when working in hot weather conditions.

Video Length - 1:21

Video Author - Oregon OSHA

En Español

10 Tips for Working Safe This Summer

Very brief and simple but it gives you the basics of what you need in order to stay safe when working in the sun.

Video Length - 1:08 minutes

Video Author - UW DEOHS Continuing Education Programs

Water Rescue PSA

Although technically this video is not about heat stress, it does emphasize the importance of water safety. Eugene Springfield Fire gives out some good advice in case of an emergency on the river.

Video Length - 3:53

Author - Eugene Springfield Fire

OSHA Heat Illness Prevention Campaign

A quick one and a half minute video explaining the dangers of working in the heat.

VideoLength - 1:27 minutes

Author - US Department of Labor/OSHA

En Español

Heat Illness Prevention Video

This free video talks about how to prevent heat illness with a special focus on the agriculture, construction, and landscaping industry.

Video Length - 8 minutes

Author - CaliforniaDIR

Safety Toolbox Talks: Heat Stress Video

This video focuses on the signs and symptoms of heat stroke and heat exhaustion as well as providing prevention tips.

Video Length - 5:28 minutes

Author - NAHBTV

Human-Sized Calorimeter Measures Heat Stress Video

This free video explains how the University of Ottawa uses the world's only direct-air calorimetre to accurately measure heat stress in the body

Video Length - 1:37 minutes

Author - CBC News: The National, July 17, 2018

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