Free OSHA History Safety Videos

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More Dangerous Than Dynamite

Back in the 1940's it was normal for woman to use gasoline to wash clothes. However, this resulted in many deaths and serious injuries, so they made a public announcement regarding it.


Video Length: 9:45

Video Author: Chest N. Hess and Guy D. Hasleton - Panorama Pictures

The Story of OSHA

A great video regarding the history of OSHA, why and how it was formed. The story is told through workers, employers, and OSHA inspectors.

This was the first of a three video series that was produced in 1980. However, in 1981 Thorne Auchter, the incoming head of OSHA, recalled and destroyed almost all copies of all the videos. Luckily, some union officials refused to give their copies up.

Video Length: 28:05

Video Author: OSHA

Worker to Worker

This is one of three OSHA videos produced in 1980 that was later confiscated and almost all of them were destroyed. A few renegade union officials would not give up their copies.

This video focuses on three stories of workers that utilized OSHA and NIOSH to help create a better work environment.

Video Length: 29:05

Video Author: OSHA, Ginny Durrin


Can't Take No More

Another of the OSHA videos that were confiscated back in 1981 by the incoming head of OSHA, Thorne Auchter.


This video focuses on workers rights. These stories are told through the workers.


Video Length: 29:02

Video Author: OSHA, Janet Hayman

Protecting Workers: How OSHA Conducts Inspections

In an effort to put employers and employees minds at ease, OSHA created a detailed video on how they conduct inspections. This video was done in 1994, so the amounts listed for fines are out of date, but the information is still very useful.


Video Length: 18:15

Video Author: OSHA


Dated from 1996, this OSHA video tells four stories of workers and the hazards that they face. Three of the workers have near misses and are shaken up by the close call. One of the workers doesn't make it. This video emphasizes the focus four hazards: electrocution hazards, fall hazards, struck-by hazards, and caught-in or between hazards.

Video Length: 15:16

Video Author: OSHA