Scaffolding Safety Training Compliance Kit

  • Scaffolding Safety Training Compliance Kit
  • Scaffolding Safety Training Compliance Kit

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The use of scaffolding is an important part of most construction operations.  Scaffolding systems need to be designed by a qualified person, inspected by a competent person, and workers need to trained on using them safely.  The Scaffolding Compliance Kit provides your business with scaffolding safety training for your employees, a written program on scaffolding use, and the required associated forms.

With this product you can:

  • Download it immediately.
  • Train employees on the OSHA scaffolding requirements and safe scaffold use.
  • Edit and customize the training materials.
  • Create a scaffold safety plan from a template.
  • Record scaffolding inspections.
  • Conduct weekly safety meetings on scaffolding subjects.
  • Hands on certification forms for scaffolding erection, maintenance, disassembly and inspection.

Scaffolding Safety Training

  • Scaffolding Operations PowerPoint® - A comprehensive presentation (about 50 slides) that covers the regulations and operational requirements for using scaffolding.  Update with your own pictures and text.  Use in the classroom or print out as handouts and use in the field.
  • Training Outline- An easy to use course guide.
  • Forms - Quiz and answer key, student worksheet, completion certificate, wallet card template, trainer designation form, training roster, training evaluation and more.
  • Scaffolding Certification - Take the training into the field and verify their skills.  Includes a scaffolding user certification form and a scaffolding maintenance and erection certification form.

 Course Subjects

  • Training requirements
  • Scaffolding design, ratings, and basic construction
  • Accessing and working on scaffolding
  • Electrical clearances and portable electric tools
  • Protection from falling objects
  • Fall protection
  • Specific scaffolding types and their requirements

Training Time

  • Classroom: 1-3 hours
  • Hands On: 1 - 3 hours

Scaffolding Safety Policy

A complete safety policy, written in Microsoft Word®, that details the policies and procedures for scaffolding use at your company.  Easy to edit and customize.

Regulations Covered

  • 29 CFR 1926.451 - Scaffolds

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can train and certify employees to work on scaffolds?

When is fall protection required on scaffolding?

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    Scaffolding Safety

    Review several typo’s and the test was not set up very well, also the pictures were all of bad results need to see what is correct for visual learners.

    Thanks for the feedback Robert! We will submit those recommendations. Have a great day!
    5 star

    Scaffolding Safety Training Compliance Kit

    Meet our needs

    Easy to use and thorough. I had a few questions, and they got back to me quickly. Thanks!


    Very well put together. I was able to acc content that was meaningful to my trainees. I would recommend this as a must have to anyone using scaffolding to keep people safe.

    Very helpful.

    Safety policy, training materials, and forms all in one. It was easy to use and much cheaper than other places I looked. This is just for scaffolding safety training, it doesn't cover how to perform erections.

    Thanks Nash! There is actually a hands on certification form for erection and maintenance in the kit.

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