Who Can Perform Respirator Fit Tests?

Who Can Perform Respirator Fit Tests?

Regulations for Fit Test Providers

Employees are required to have a respirator fit tested prior to being allowed to use that make and model in the workplace. But who can perform this fit test?  Do they require any specific training? Let's take a look at the OSHA regulations.

29 CFR 1910.134 says that:

"The employer shall establish a record of the qualitative or quantitative fit tests administered to an employee, including"

Appendix A Part 1 of the standard says:

"The employer shall conduct fit testing using the following procedures."

So the regulations do not specifically state the requirements for the person performing the fit test, but they do list the specific procedures that must be adhered to.

How To Perform Respirator Fit Tests Online Course

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Required Qualifications for Respirator Fit Test Providers

OSHA does not list specific training requirements for fit test providers. As long as the person you select to perform the fit test can follow the procedure properly and documents the results, you should be compliant. It would be wise to make sure the person you designate to perform the fit tests is familiar with the company respiratory protection program.

Respirator Fit Test Instructions

Most fit test kits will come with step by step instructions.  Use the instructions to practice a few fit tests before completing the real evaluations.

Free Fit Test Instructional Video

Here is a great free video on respiratory protection and respirator fit testing.

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  • Lazarus

    Oct 21, 2019


    what do we call a person who performs the respiratory fit testing? his or her Occupation

  • Dragan

    Sep 04, 2018


    I have Supervisor licenses for NYS, CT, NYC and NJ asbestos abatement. Can I Perform Qualitative Respirator Fit Tests Certificates for asbestos workers?

  • Jen G

    Aug 15, 2018

    Jen G

    It appears that the EM 385 manual is open to interpretation as well. Has anyone had any issues with OSHA requirements and EM 385 contradicting each other?

  • Cal G.

    Oct 27, 2015

    Cal G.

    We ordered the Saccharin fit test kit and it was pretty easy to use. The rainbow passage seems silly.

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