Free Excavations and Trenching Safety Videos for Training and Awareness

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5 Things You Should Know to Stay Safe

A very brief new video from the U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta.

Video Length: 0:49

Author: U.S. Department of Labor

Excavations in Construction: Trenching Video

The free animated trenching safety video outlines the requirements for working safely in trenches.

Video Length: 9:02

Author: OSHA

Excavations in Construction: Soil Classification Video

This video will teach employees how to classify soil types, and the limits of each type of soil.

Video Length: 11:11

Author: OSHA

Trench Cave In

An Oregon OSHA inspector catches a crew working unsafely in a trench, and death is narrowly averted when the trench collapses.

Video Length: 1:30

Author: Tim Marcum, Oregon OSHA Compliance Officer

Excavations: A Guide To Safe Work Practices Video

This comprehensive video on excavations provides excellent guidance on safe work practices.

Video Length: 20:46

Author: WorkSafeBC

Excavation Death Trap: Not Today Video

This video details safety inspectors catching an unsafe excavation operation in process.

Video Length: 1:14

Author: WorkSafeBC

Trench Collapse Rescue Video

This video shows the rescue of a worker trapped in a collapsed trench.

Video Length: 7:25

Author: Craig Smith