Free Excavation and Trenching Safety Videos

This collection of free excavation and trenching videos can be used for awareness training.

They are not owned or endorsed by Affordable Safety Training LLC.  Use them at your discretion.

Excavations in Construction: Trenching Video


The free animated trenching safety video outlines the requirements for working safely in trenches.

Video Length: 9:02

Author: OSHA

Excavations in Construction: Soil Classification Video


 This video will teach employees how to classify soil types, and the limits of each type of soil.

Video Length: 11:11

Author: OSHA

Trench Cave In


An Oregon  OSHA inspector catches a crew working unsafely in a trench, and death is narrowly averted when the trench collapses.

Video Length: 1:30

Author: Tim Marcum, Oregon OSHA Compliance Officer

Excavations: A Guide To Safe Work Practices Video


 This comprehensive video on excavations provides excellent guidance on safe work practices.

Video Length: 20:46

Author: WorkSafeBC

Excavation Death Trap: Not Today Video


 This video details safety inspectors catching an unsafe excavation operation in process.

Video Length: 1:14

Author: WorkSafeBC

Trench Collapse Rescue Video


This video shows the rescue of a worker trapped in a collapsed trench.

Video Length: 7:25

Author: Craig Smith